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How to enroll

Enrolling in your retirement plan is easy!


If you would like to enroll in your AIG Retirement Services retirement plan, you may do so one of three ways: 

To enroll online :

Click on the appropriate link below to access our Simplified Online Enrollment System and follow the prompts. Please click here to access the form. 

The University of Florida 403(b) Plan - (Pretax)
The University of Florida 403(b) Plan (Roth)
The University of Florida Health Science Center - AEF 403(b) Fund
For College of Dentistry 403(b) participants: If you wish to convert to the mutual fund platform, click here.

To enroll by phone :
Call 1-888-569-7055 and provide the Enrollment Specialist with the following access codes below.   
The University of Florida 403(b) Plan - (Pretax) - 01103001
The University of Florida 403(b) Plan (Roth) - 01103100
The University of Florida Health Science Center - AEF 403(b) - 40287001
The University of Florida College of Dentistry - 50109001         

To enroll with your financial professional :

Remember, you don't have to go it alone. Our local financial professionals are always available to assist you with this process.
You may contact your local financial professional from the list below:

UF Financial Professionals Contact List
Office Location Name Cell Phone (preferred) Office Phone Email Address
Gainesville Shawn Bennett 352-446-7281 352-367-2409 Shawn.Bennett@aig.com
Gainesville Sheryl Bennett 352-514-1008 352-367-2409 Sheryl.Bennett@aig.com
Gainesville Adrien Bottari 352-554-0406 352-367-2409 Adrien.Bottari@aig.com
Gainesville J. Owen Brock 352-262-5863 352-367-2409 Owen.Brock@aig.com
Gainesville Bradley Easom 352-359-4434 352-367-2409 Bradley.Easom@aig.com
Gainesville William Gecks 352-275-1212 352-367-2409 William.Gecks@aig.com
Gainesville Donald Hartman 352-514-2765 352-367-2409 Donald.Hartman@aig.com
Gainesville Zarko Ivanov 352-318-9910 352-367-2409 Zarko.Ivanov@aig.com
Gainesville Julio Sarmiento 352-275-4430 352-367-2409 Julio.Sarmiento@aig.com
Gainesville Joe Stricklin 352-672-4413 352-367-2409 Joe.Stricklin@aig.com
Jacksonville Bascom Kurtz 904-244-8160 904-448-7200 Bascom.Kurtz@aig.com
Jacksonville Liz Stewart 904-366-9719 904-448-7200 Liz.Stewart@aig.com