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Our financial professionals are available to assist you

Our financial professionals are available to assist you with the enrollment process. Financial advice is offered through VALIC Financial Advisors, Inc. (VFA). When you partner with a financial professional, you will obtain:

  • A clear picture of your current financial status 
  • Investment strategies to help you reach each of your financial goals 
  • Well-defined action steps to take now and in the future
UF Financial Advisors Contact List
Office Location Name Cell Phone (preferred) Office Phone Email Address
Gainesville Shawn Bennett 352-446-7281 352-367-2409 Shawn.Bennett@aig.com
Gainesville Sheryl Bennett 352-514-1008 352-367-2409 Sheryl.Bennett@aig.com
Gainesville J. Owen Brock 352-262-5863 352-367-2409 Owen.Brock@aig.com
Gainesville Bradley Easom 352-359-4434 352-367-2409 Bradley.Easom@aig.com
Gainesville William Gecks 352-275-1212 352-367-2409 William.Gecks@aig.com
Gainesville Donald Hartman 352-514-2765 352-367-2409 Donald.Hartman@aig.com
Gainesville Julio Sarmiento 352-275-4430 352-367-2409 Julio.Sarmiento@aig.com
Gainesville Joe Stricklin 352-672-4413 352-367-2409 Joe.Stricklin@aig.com
Jacksonville Bascom Kurtz 904-244-8160 904-448-7200 Bascom.Kurtz@aig.com
Jacksonville Liz Stewart 904-366-9719 904-448-7200 Liz.Stewart@aig.com

Client Care Center

If you have a question about your account or the account access features of online account access, you may speak directly with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

Our Client Care Center is available at 800-448-2542, Monday through Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central Time.

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